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What to Expect When You Visit?

First of all, you'll need to find the doors! Our building can be a little tricky, since the entrance is located at the back of the church.  You can either enter through the tree-filled courtyard, or through the decorated breezeway from the parking lot.

When you walk through our church doors, an usher will greet you with a warm smile and give you a bulletin. You'll be encouraged to make a nametag if you feel comfortable doing so. As you walk into the sanctuary, you'll hear music being played by one or more of our wonderful musicians. If you arrive early enough, you might even hear our choir rehearsing, their sweet notes and laughter filling the air! Since we are a bit “jazz” about timing, worship often doesn’t officially begin until 11:10.

Some of us like to sit quietly in a pew, letting ourselves sink into the Sunday morning experience. Others like to walk around the sanctuary greeting our friends. Following the weekly announcements, we begin our time of worship in silence and in stillness, quietly repeating the verse from Psalm 46: “Be still and know that God is God.”

Our services are filled with music, both traditional and contemporary. The choir sings at least one song each Sunday, and a featured soloist offers a song right after the sermon time. 

During each Sunday service, we greet each other with the passing of the peace. Some of us like to walk around the sanctuary, greeting people with a handshake or hug, extrovert-style. Others like to remain in their pew.

We also make time to hear the prayers of our community. As time permits, we pass the microphone and invite those who feel led to briefly share a joy or concern. Those who have prayer concerns but prefer not to speak them aloud are invited to fill out a prayer card and place it in the collection plate. Our pastor and other ministers pray over these concerns during the week.

Pastor Marjorie’s sermons often focus on explaining the social and historical context of the day’s scripture, then exploring how the scripture speaks to our lives today. At Plymouth Church, we do not interpret biblical scripture literally, but we do listen carefully, receiving it as wisdom and testimony from people who have encountered the Holy.

We offer Communion on the first and third Sunday of each month. Ours is an open table, and all are warmly invited to participate in the sacrament of Communion.

We end our service by forming a circle and singing a blessing song to each other. After worship, Pastor Marjorie greets everyone by the sanctuary door and encourages all to join us for refreshments in our Fireside Room. Our fellowship hour is a relaxed and informal time of eating, chatting, and learning more about each other and the life of our church.

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We have a parking lot with 20+ spots located off Monte Vista Ave. It does fill up quickly so plan to arrive early!

The driveway is located behind the church off Monte Vista Ave -- follow the driveway past the tree-filled courtyard to the parking lot.

If the lot is full, there's additional street parking on Oakland Ave, Monte Vista Ave, and Olive Ave.

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Families with Children

We try to provide options for families with young children, whether that’s having your children right beside you in worship or letting them enjoy the childcare area during worship. 

Our nursery is staffed by two professional childcare providers to ensure safety for our youngest members. We offer childcare for children ages 1-5, but we don’t strictly enforce those age limits, so we have the occasional 6- or 7-year old spending time in the childcare area also.

We also have an area in the sanctuary called the “pray-ground” with books, toys and art supplies for children. Some families prefer sitting in that area, because it’s more fun for the little ones, but you are, of course, welcome to sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

Sunday Morning Activities for Kids

We offer a Godly Play-inspired children's program for Plymouth kids during Sunday worship. Our vision is to help our kids (ages 3-10) form a wonder-filled relationship with Scripture, our jazz and justice community, and God.

  • First Sunday – Jazz & Justice Story Time

Hearing and discussing stories about musicians, artists and movements for justice and equal rights. 

  • Second Sunday – Godly Play

Learning Bible stories and reflecting on them through writing, drawing, arts and crafts.

  • Third Sunday – Children’s Musical Theater

Exploring themes of faith through music and drama, with occasional mini-skits presented to the full congregation.

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We Hope to See You Soon!

If you have any additional questions about our service, staff, or beliefs, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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